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Don & Harmony

Our journey began in 2014 after residing in the town of Florence, Oregon for a little more than two years.  Our intention is to support our hard working, locally owned restaurants through offering them a delivery service; while serving the elderly, disabled, and busy families who would otherwise be unable to receive a freshly made meal.



Community Means Everything!  We believe deeply in the value of community, and the part we all play in service of one another.  The stability of any society relies upon commerce and economic growth, but is for nothing without mutual respect, consideration and community support. Everything we do - from providing free delivery services to mom & pop owned restaurants, to the way we treat their customers, all boils down to being in service to and honoring this wonderful community.


"I’ll never forget the very first order we received. I was so excited and nervous. I recall it was storming that evening when I arrived to a home with no exterior lights on. I walked through the gate and up to the door. I noticed the door was ajar, which seemed strange but I was determined to do my job. I knocked. I was met with a strained voice that asked me to enter.

I peeked into the home to see a gentleman sitting in his living room. It was immediately apparent that he was unable to walk well. The kind man explained that he was was injured recently at work, leaving him unable to cook for himself.

He was so thrilled to have his dinner, ready to eat, delivered and hot! 

I left that home with a tear in my eye knowing that this was its purpose.  I was so proud and grateful to have an opportunity to serve our beautiful community."  ~Harmony